RV Wifi – take the internet on the road with you

Single-unitInternet connectivity is the technology of choice to remain in touch with family and friends, stream movies, listen to music and conduct banking. The routers and software available at RV Wi-Fi have been specifically developed for members of the Australian recreational vehicle community. The firm’s routers utilize Telstra 3G and 4G coverage to a phone hotspot or mobile device and individuals only pay for the time they use the caravan.
RV Wi-Fi routers only require a standard 12-volt power connection, eliminating the need for chargers. The company’s external antenna provides enhanced reception over traditional satellite installations, enabling Wi-Fi access even while towing a caravan, allowing travelers to access the Internet anytime they wish.

Call Ross on 0435 751 240 or visit www.rvwifi.com.au for more information

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