The Importance of Gym Cleanliness

The gym is a place where people from all ways of like go to get a good sweat. It has an abnormally damp environment. As gym goers sweat, it creates moist conditions which are ideal for viruses, mildew, mould, bacteria, and germs. Although sweating is important, it is important that you provide a perfectly clean space to ensure that there are no bugs.

Common Germs That Are Found In Gyms

A variety of gems can be found at the gym as mentioned below.

  • Rhinoviruses: It refers to the viruses which cause upper respiratory infections and different types of common colds.
  • Influenza: It is an airborne virus which spreads to the respiratory tract when inhaled.
  • Salmonella: It is a gastrointestinal illness that causes vomiting, diarrhea, and fever.

Gym Hygiene Statistics

To get a better idea about just how dirty the gym can be and why it is important to ensure cleanliness, the following gym cleaning findings should be considered.

  • The exercise bikes tend to contain about 39 times more bacteria as compared to a food court tray.
  • The treadmill contains about 74 times more bacteria as compared to a public bathroom tap.
  • The free weights contain about 362 times more bacteria as compared to the average toilet seat.

A dirty gym can cause a number of illnesses and become a virus hotspot. The following statistics should also be considered.

  • Customer satisfaction drops from 83 percent to 43 percent when a gym is unclean.
  • The customer retention rate falls from 90 percent to 52 percent due to dirtiness.
  • Gyms that spend about 4 percent of their budget on cleaning ended up making more profit and had a much higher customer retention rate.
  • Around 56 percent of gym goers expect gyms to be clean and germs-free.

Gym Hygiene Regulations

Although there is a lack of industry standards when it comes to gym cleanliness, gym owners have a responsibility to ensure that they provide a clean environment to their staff and clients. Generally, the fitness industry does have certain guidelines in place which need to be followed. For instance, the NSW Fitness Industry Code of Practices mentions that the standard of service needs to be such that the health and well-being of customers is protected. Gyms also have to make sure that all wet areas are frequently cleaned and a high standard of cleanliness has to be maintained.

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Hygiene Tips for Gym Owners

Gym owners have a responsibility to provide clients with a completely clean space to workout. Besides, it is necessary for promoting the gym facilities and setting yourself apart from competition. Gym owners should consider the following hygiene tips.

  • Incorporate elements of design that ensure cleanliness.
  • Have a strict cleaning schedule in place and ensure hourly cleaning tasks are performed.
  • Educate the staff about the best practices for maintaining the highest level of cleanliness.
  • Educate customers to make sure that the use hand sanitizers and wipe equipment before and after use.

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