Enhanced Safety: CCTV and Alarm Systems’ Positive Impact on Brisbane and Gold Coast

Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, CCTV provides a multitude of eyes around your property. Modern systems also offer remote monitoring via mobile apps and web interfaces allowing you to log in when your alarm is triggered.

These systems are ideal for businesses, providing valuable evidence in the event of a security breach or an accident. They also assist with improving business operations and can be beneficial when dealing with insurance claims.

1. It Deters Crime

As an active deterrent against crime, CCTV systems are highly effective. They are capable of communicating with law enforcement agencies in real-time, and upon a break-in or alarm-triggering event, police are immediately dispatched to the scene. This allows authorities to take swift and decisive action, thus reducing the risk of property loss.

CCTV is also a valuable tool for police officers when patrolling residential areas during the holiday season, which typically sees opportunistic thieves targeting homes and businesses while residents are away. This is particularly important given that many Queenslanders live interstate and may leave their properties unattended during the holidays.

Similarly, CCTV is used by the Queensland Police Service at Metro North Hospital to monitor public spaces and protect patients, staff, and visitors. Each hospital has a number of different CCTV options, including C-mount cameras that have interchangeable lenses to adapt to different monitoring needs.

State governments have also demonstrated interest in open-street CCTV, with New South Wales’ Crime Prevention Division issuing guidelines for councils considering CCTV (2000). As more Australian research into the impacts of CCTV on crime and civil liberties is undertaken, it is likely that accountability for these systems will increase, with audits conducted and published by either privacy commissioners or the crime prevention divisions of various state government departments. These would ensure that procedures and protocols are adhered to and that CCTV systems remain transparent to the general public.

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2. It Increases Public Safety

CCTV surveillance has become a valuable tool in deterring crime and aiding police in the apprehension and prosecution of criminals. But the system is not without its critics, with some expressing concerns about a loss of privacy and an invasion of the public’s right to anonymity.

Thankfully, recent advances in technology have created CCTV systems that can help keep the public safer while preserving their privacy. New CCTV systems can recognise suspicious behaviour through their sensors and send alerts to an operator or a control room for intervention. This means they can spot a risk before it occurs, rather than after, and provide an immediate response to an incident.

Business CCTV systems can also help protect your business from external threats, such as break-ins or vandalism, but they can also be useful for identifying internal theft and shrinkage within your organisation. The average Australian company loses millions of dollars each year to employee theft and a quality business security system can discourage employees from stealing by recording their activities and providing evidence for police action.

Ensure that your business is always protected with Central Technologies’ business CCTV solutions. We can design and install a fully integrated system that provides back-to-base monitoring, giving you peace of mind while your business is operating. We can also offer scalability and future-proofing, allowing for expansion or integration with other technologies as your business grows.

3. It Increases Business

Having CCTV installed gives a feeling that the business is being closely watched which discourages criminals from coming onto the premises. It also acts as a deterrent for vandalism or arson on the site. CCTV can give business owners peace of mind, especially if they are operating out-of-hours when their business is more at risk.

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CCTV is a useful tool for businesses that are located in high-crime areas. It can be used to monitor the building and stock at all times. In this way, theft can be prevented and stock loss can be minimised.

In addition, CCTV is a valuable asset to any business in that it can provide evidence for insurance claims. This is a key benefit that helps to drive down business insurance premiums as businesses are seen as less of a risk by insurers.

While many people think of CCTV and alarm systems as being the same thing, they are two very different things. Alarm systems are generally a more basic device that alerts the user to an intruder, whereas security cameras are much more advanced. They can be constantly active, which means there is a constant stream of video that can be recorded.

A CCTV camera Brisbane can also be linked to remote monitoring services, meaning that when an alarm is triggered, the ARC operator can view the footage and visually verify any threats. This is a much safer option than keyholders or on-site guards investigating the event and can be much faster too.

4. It Reduces Insurance Premiums

A burglar alarm and CCTV system will help reduce your insurance premiums by making your property less of a target. Insurers are in the business of making money, and fewer break-ins mean a lower insurance payout, which is great news for everyone involved. This is why insurers will often give a discount to homeowners with a fully-integrated security alarm.

There are many benefits of installing an alarm system Gold Coast and CCTV system, but a few standout features include 24/7 monitoring, remote access via your phone or tablet, and the ability to monitor multiple properties from one location. Advanced technology means you can also receive alerts of a possible break-in, so you can act quickly.

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In addition to these alerts, many CCTV systems now offer intercom and video doorbell functions, so you can talk to visitors or a courier before you let them in. Some outdoor CCTV cameras, such as Reolink Argus 2, have a PIR (passive infrared) motion sensor that will instantly alert you when a person is detected. This is especially useful for holiday homeowners and international travelers.

A CCTV system can also record a clear image of the criminal which helps police investigate their identity and determine if they are responsible for the crime. This evidence is invaluable in court cases or any lawsuits resulting from incidents on your property.