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5 Signs It’s Time to Remove a Tree from Your Property

Trees can be lovely additions to your property, providing shade and adding beauty to your yard. Unfortunately, they can also pose a safety risk when they become diseased or damaged.

If you’re noticing signs of damage to your trees, it may be time to call Oz Tree Services. Read on for five signs that it’s time to remove a tree from your property.

1. The Tree Is Dead

A dead tree poses a danger to anyone near it, including children and elderly people. It can also damage property or structures if it falls on them. Taking down the tree can help keep people and their belongings safe, as well as allow for other healthy trees to thrive.

Look for obvious signs that a tree is dead, such as peeling bark and branches that don’t sprout new growth. You should also check for fungus growth around the base of the tree, as this is often a sign that the roots and trunk have rotted. It’s also a good idea to pull back some of the soil to assess the root system and the surrounding area. If the roots have rotted and are decaying, it’s likely that the rest of the tree will soon follow suit.

2. The Tree Is Deadly

Trees are a beautiful part of any landscape. They add a dimensional element that you don’t get with shrubs and flowers, and they create shade and privacy for the home. But while trees can be an amazing addition to a property, they also pose a serious risk to people and structures on the ground. And if they fall, it can cost thousands to repair the damage to your house or other structures on the property.

Dead and dying trees are also breeding grounds for pests and can spread disease to healthy plants. Watch out for fungi growth, cankers, and discolored areas on the bark that can indicate a problem.

The longer a tree has been dead, the more dangerous it becomes to remove. The moisture level of wood drops after death, and it becomes harder, less flexible, and more brittle. This makes it difficult to cut or rig for removal and can cause dangerous falling shards during the process. A professional tree removalists will be able to identify these issues and recommend tree removal Bundoora before they become too dangerous.

3. The Tree Is Leaning

Trees might seem like a beautiful addition to your landscape, but they aren’t always safe. If a tree has developed a dramatic lean that it didn’t have before, or is in a position where it could fall onto your house, power lines, children’s playground equipment, your car, or anything else on your property, it’s time to call for removal. You may want to contact a professional tree care company to inspect it and assess the situation, so the expert can determine whether or not it is feasible to safely remove the leaning tree without causing any damage.

Similarly, if you see a lot of dead branches on a tree that was previously healthy, it could be a sign of major damage and disease. Even if the tree isn’t leaning, a damaged root system can be a serious problem and is a good reason to have it removed.

4. The Tree Is Damaged

Trees are important features of a landscape and add value to your property. They also provide shade, attract wildlife and make your yard a place you want to spend time in. But there comes a point when a beloved tree can do more harm than good and it’s necessary to remove it.

Storm damage is a common reason to remove a tree. If the damage is severe enough to compromise trunk strength and cause significant decay, then the tree may need to be removed. Look for signs of damage including large splits, seams, uprooting and old wounds.

If the damage is limited to a few major limbs it may be able to recover, but extensive bark loss will probably be too much for a tree to overcome. You should consult an arborist if you are concerned about a tree that has lost too much of its bark.

Depending on the location of the tree and the amount of work involved, it can be expensive to remove it from your property. Winter and spring are the best times to remove a tree because the leaves have fallen and the ground is frozen, making it easier for tree removalist to move equipment around without disturbing the surrounding landscaping.

5. The Tree Is Too Close to a Structure

While many people resist removing a tree until it is absolutely necessary, there may be times that an old lopsided maple or dying oak just needs to go. If a tree is growing too close to your house, it could fall during a storm and damage the structure or your neighbors’ property. Additionally, a tree that is too close to power lines could cause a lot of damage if it falls on the wires and causes a power outage or starts a fire.

While a tree might not seem to be too close right now, you need to take into account how large it will be when fully matured. Over time, a tree’s root system could grow into and encroach on the foundation of your home, ruining the structure. Additionally, branches could graze the roof and cause damage, or pull down gutters from the eaves.

When a tree is too close to a structure, it is definitely time for removal. This is also true if it has experienced excessive storm damage, a hollow trunk or other problems that necessitate removal.…